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  • Get a FREE STI Check at FPV during STI Testing Week

    FPV is offering FREE STI checks for all Victorians during STI Testing Week 2018.  Most people don’t know they have an STI because they have no symptoms. The only way to find out is through an STI test.  Getting an STI test... Read More

  • HIV prevention drug PrEP now available at our clinics

    Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) is now available at FPV clinics to help people at risk avoid HIV infection. PrEP is the regular, daily use of anti-HIV medications by ‘at risk’ HIV-negative people to prevent HIV becoming HIV... Read More

  • New Sexual Health Physician starting in October 2017

    The Action Centre will now offer a referral based sexual health physician service, specialising in Adolescent Sexual Health, Postpartum Women, and general women's reproductive and sexual health including sexually transmissible infections,... Read More

  • HIV Prevention

    In addition to encouraging safer sexual practices, health professionals can assist at-risk patients with the following HIV reduction strategies: Encourage frequent HIV testing for people at risk. Early diagnosis allows early access to... Read More