Implanon NXT training for doctors, nurses and midwives

Implanon NXT training for doctors, nurses and midwives

Implanon Training Courses launched (February 2018)

FPV has launched two new training course for doctors, nurses and midwives:

The contraceptive implant (Implanon NXT) is a highly effective, convenient and rapidly reversible contraception.  It is PBS listed and lasts 3 years which makes it one of the more affordable methods. The implant is suitable for women of all reproductive ages including adolescents, during lactation, post-partum and post-termination.

Implant insertion and removal is a procedure suitable for all doctors to perform. Increasing numbers of nurses and midwives have received training in implant procedures and local anaesthetic administration. This increased scope of practice for registered nurses and midwives will improve access for women.

This blog was updated in February 2018 to reflect changes in training courses offered.

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