Our comprehensive Relationships & Sexuality Education sessions align with the Victorian Curriculum levels and incorporate age appropriate materials and content. These sessions are delivered by experienced, trained FPV educators.

Each session will offer information, activities, values clarification and an opportunity for students to ask questions. We offer extension activities that can be used by classroom teachers to consolidate learning. Sexual Health Victoria also offers professional development for staff.

Knowing my body (Levels 1 & 2)

(3 x 1 hour Sessions)

Session 1: Protective behaviours - Public and Private

Learning intentions:

Students will:

  • Identify public and private places and body parts
  • Explore bodily autonomy

Session 2: Knowing our bodies

Learning intentions:

Students will:

  • Explore feelings and the ways that they may look and feel within our bodies
  • Discuss situations and behaviours that can affect our feelings

Session 3: Healthy bodies, safe bodies

Learning intentions:

Students will:

  • Identify ways to keep bodies healthy and safe, including private body parts
  • Develop assertive communication strategies including the no, go tell response
  • Explore help-seeking behaviours and identify personal safety networks

Class size

We recommend a maximum of 26-27 students per session.

Composite classes would undertake a combined version of the program which is designed to run every second year from the year of commencement.


$600 per class group, inclusive of three sessions (GST free).

(Optional) Information session for parents and carers

(held prior to FPV school sessions)

This information session is run prior to students’ education sessions and offers parents and carers an insight into relationships and sexuality education, its importance in the curriculum and how to support their children on their own physical, emotional and social journeys.

Learning Intentions

Participants will:

  • Explore the importance of evidence based, age and developmentally appropriate relationships and sexuality education.
  • Identify links to the guidelines and principles of the Victorian Government in relation to health and education.
  • Explore the FPV student education program.
  • Identify methods of engaging in conversations with their child around relationships, reproductive and sexual health.
  • Develop strategies for effectively answering their child’s questions.
  • Be provided with an opportunity to ask questions regarding the program.


  • $230 (GST free) per hour
  • $345 (GST free) for 1.5 hours
  • $460 (GST free) for 2 hours