Tailored Group Education for Individuals with Cognitive Disability

Relationships and Sexuality education is important for everyone, including those with cognitive disability (including Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Acquired Brain Injury).

Tailored group education sessions are for individuals with cognitive disability who already belong to an existing group.

Learning Intentions

Participants will:

  • participate in a customised, age- and developmentally appropriate session designed to increase levels of knowledge, skills and confidence around reproductive and sexual health.
  • participate in activities with and ask questions of an experienced disability and community educator.

Workshop details

  • FPV workshops are delivered by experienced disability and community educators.
  • Sessions are usually 1 hour (please alert at time of booking if an alternative duration is preferred).


Tailored education sessions can be held at a service, community space or residential unit. They can also be conducted at one of our training facilities. We also offer sessions via eLearning.


$200 (GST free) per hour per group


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