Dating in Australia: Stories from International Students

What is dating like as an international student in Australia?

Sexual Health Victoria speaks to young people about their experiences.

About this series

Dating in Australia is a video series and eLearning module created to support international students with information on reproductive and sexual health.

Created by Sexual Health Victoria with support from Study Melbourne.

For International Students

Welcome to Australia!

There are some things that we want you to know about sexual health so that you can have a great time and take care of yourself.

 The eLearning module consists of a comprehensive online sexual health education course, accompanied by a series of informative YouTube videos discussing: dating; healthy relationships; consent; sexual health and STIs; and pregnancy, contraception and abortion. 

This project, funded by Study Melbourne’s International Student Welfare Program, provides students with reproductive and sexual health information and support in navigating the Australian healthcare system.

Have a look at this video series below or, click through directly to the online learning module to start the eLearning resource.

“In sex, not only respecting someone’s boundaries but asking ‘is this ok or are you enjoying it?' opens up communication…”

Dating in Australia: Video Series

These videos can be used as an excellent resource for you and your peers to access more information about sexual health.

Follow the links below or visit the SHV Youtube channel for more.

Dating in Australia: Sexual and Reproductive Health for International Students

Free Sexual Health eLearning Module for International Students

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Interested in supporting the health and wellbeing of your international students by providing sexual and reproductive health information? The Dating in Australia: Stories from International Students video series and eLearning module provide accurate and evidence-based information from a trusted source, presented for culturally and linguistically diverse users. All resources are available for integration into University learning management systems (LMS) at no-cost. For more information about the series, the eLearning module or to access these resources for your students contact SHV to find out more.

Created by Sexual Health Victoria with support from Study Melbourne.

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