Sex it's Your Decision

Sex - it's your decision

It is important to make your own decisions about your body and if and when you want to have sex. This means deciding what is right for you.

Who decides when to have sex?

You decide:

  • If you want to have sex or not
  • To stop having sex at any time, even after agreeing
  • What things you want to do or you don’t want to do when you have sex
  • What type of sex you want to have

Both you and your partner, the person you want to have sex with, need to agree that you both want to have sex before having sex. This is called consent. If someone has sex with you without receiving your consent, they can be charged with a crime. There are also laws for having sex at different ages.

What is safer sex?

Safer sex means:

Condom On Erect Penis
picture of condom on erect penis

Talking about safer sex and contraception before you have sex is an important part of a healthy relationship. Learn more about how you can have safer sex.

What if I decide I do not want to have sex?

You always have the right to decide if you do not want to have sex. If you do not feel okay or safe, it is not the right time to have sex. There are other ways to be close without having sex. You can be physically close by touching and kissing and develop emotional intimacy through a caring relationship.

For more information:

This is general information only, you should speak to your doctor for advice and further instruction.

Last updated: 27 August 2018