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SHV in the Media

If you are a journalist seeking an interview with a specialist on sexual and reproductive health, clinical care, school and community education, or public opinion on related matters, please email [email protected] or call 0411 541 850.

How do we educate teens on healthy relationships? ABC Conversation Hour (22 November 2023)

Common STIs surge among young people. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) (10 November 2023)

Medical Abortions are okayed even in the second trimester. Medical Republic (2 November 2023)

Get ready for Summer. Ease of STI testing and treatment. Joy FM (1 November 2023)

Sexual Consent Education and Young People ABC News Radio Listen 1:02min (18 October)

The impact of educating youth on relationships and sexuality. 'Moolah" on Disrupt Radio (3 August 2023)

At what is the appropriate age to talk to kids about sex SMH/Age (July 2023)

Sexual Health Clinics under pressure as STI cases rise. Yahoo News (July 2023)

Want long-term contraception? There are more effective options than the pill. But they can be hard to find. The Conversation (May 2023)

Consent Matters program to expand with focus on stealthing, enthusiastic consent (Feb 2023) Herald Sun subscription required

The game-changing plans to cut barriers to medical abortion (Jan 2023)

TikTokers blasted over sex advice putting young people at risk (Jan 2023)

Why are my periods irregular - we ask Dr Kathy McNamee (Jan 2023)

ABC conversation Hour - Dr Kathy McNamee on free contraception (Dec 2022)

Syphilis cases rise in Australia despite a fall in testing for STIs during the pandemic (Dec 2022)

Having an IUD inserted can be excruciatingly painful. What can be done? (October 2022)

Affirmative consent education program being rolled out across Victoria (Oct 2022)

Worrying consequences of contracting an STI (Oct 2022)

What taking medical abortion pills was like for Jessica (May 2022)

The pain of IUDs can be excruciating. What are the options? (May 2022)

Long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCS) (April 2022)

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