Young people accessing health services

Sexual Health Victoria has created video resources in partnership with The Department of Education and Training to assist secondary school teachers delivering lessons about young people accessing health services.

Topics covered are:

  • Confidentiality
  • Rights to treatment
  • Consent to treatment
  • Medical competency
  • Young people accessing services independently
  • Obtaining a Medicare card
  • Making an appointment and possible costs
  • Accessing local services

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Guiding questions for use with video resource:

  • At the beginning what concerns did Bella have when talking to her friend?
  • Why would the doctor see Bella and Chad separately?
  • Bella was hoping to go on the pill, the doctor prescribed Implanon for her. Why would that be?
  • Should both partners go to the doctor?
  • At the doctors, what concerns did Bella have?

Other information to include in classroom discussion:

  • A young person’s legal right to confidential medical treatment.
  • Occasions when a health professional may need to share health information (consider also discussing other mandatory reporters such as teachers, school principals, youth workers etc.).
  • Consent to treatment.
  • Age of consent to sex.
  • The benefits of having the support of a parent, carer or trusted adult to help when considering health and making decisions.

Further FPV Professional Learning:

Doing It Podcast Avatar Fa

Episode #17: Going to the doctor and FAQs

We talk to SHV’s Nurse Educator Sam Read. Young people often ask questions about sexual health information and seek information about how to protect their privacy. Sam talks about what it takes for a young person to get themselves to the doctor. What age can someone see a doctor on their own? Does a parent have to know if a young person has been prescribed contraception? What even is Medicare and the My Health record?

More resources:

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Acknowledgements The following people and organisations contributed their inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm and time to developing these resources. The young people involved in the initial focus groups which led to the story line development. Department of Education and Training, South Western Victorian Region Secondary School Nursing Program: Jane Altermatt, Trish Worthington, Tania Last & Sheryn Mitrevics, Administration Manager Liz Barresi. Sexual Health Victoria Genevieve Lean & Sarah Thistle. Hoppers Crossing Secondary College Students and staff who participated in the project. Youthworx Production team Jon Staley, Kelly West, Hayden Layton and Amelia Mazis. School Focused Youth Services Gail Jessen