Contraception Resources

Efficacy of contraception methods

Family Planning Alliance Australia (FPAA) Efficacy of contraception methods (chart)

Contraceptive Implant - Implanon NXT

Sexual Health Victoria (SHV) patients are provided with this information:

Implanon aftercare – patient information leaflet

An Update for doctors, nurses and midwives regarding changes to Implanon NXT procedures

Sexual Health Victoria wish to alert clinicians to important updated information about Implanon NXT procedures following an update of the product information in January 2020. These changes have been made to avoid the large blood vessels and nerves within and around the sulcus between biceps and triceps and reflect published research

Changes to Implanon NXT procedures

Guidance for the management of troublesome vaginal bleeding with progestogen-only long-acting reversible contraception (LARC)

FPAA Guidance for management of troublesome vaginal bleeding with progestogen-only long-acting reversible contraception (LARC)

Contraception after pregnancy

Contraception after pregnancy card

Contraception for Users Over 40 Years: Information for Health Practitioner

Contraception for users over 40 years

Hormonal IUDs comparison chart for clinicians to use with patients

Hormonal IUDs available in Australia - a comparison chart tool for clinicians to use with patients to assist in decision making.

Combined Hormonal Contraceptives Available in Australia

Combined Hormonal Contraceptives available in Australia (chart)

Quick Start

Quick Start refers to the practice of starting hormonal contraception outside the time that is traditionally recommended.

Traditionally, hormonal contraception is started at the beginning of a person's next menstrual period. This excludes the risk of pregnancy and the need to use an additional method of contraception for the first seven days. The Quick Start principle balances the need to start contraception immediately with the possibility that an early pregnancy may not be excluded.

· Quick Start protocol

Missed Oral Contraceptive Advice

Missed Oral Contraceptive Advice Resource

Menstrual cup information for health practitioners

Menstrual cup information for health practitioners

Telephone clinical advice for health professionals

Sexual Health Victoria is able to offer clinical advice to health professionals working with clients in other health settings. The service provides advice and guidance on reproductive and sexual health issues. A SHV reproductive and sexual health nurse is available via telephone as the first point of contact. Call (03) 9257 0100 and ask to speak with the resource nurse.

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