Our Values

At Sexual Health Victoria, we're proud to integrate the following values across all areas of our work.


Facilitating the highest standard of service in reproductive and sexual health, we

  • offer a unique, integrated educational, training and clinical service in reproductive and sexual health.
  • are equipped with the latest information, data and knowledge.
  • are informed and innovative in our approach to practice and education.
  • are regularly asked to provide informed submissions to government and other key decision makers on complex reproductive and sexual health matters.
  • take an informed and considered stand on complex issues such as RU486.
  • evolve and adapt to meet the changing reproductive and sexual health needs of the Victorian community.
  • lobby, consult, collaborate and advocate effectively on behalf of Victorians.


Fostering an open-minded, non-judgemental and approachable service, we

  • offer understanding, sensitivity and reassurance to our clients in dealing with any reproductive and sexual health matter.
  • listen and act without prejudice.
  • are motivated to provide choices and options to our clients.
  • make sure we find someone who can help.


Providing superior knowledge and experience, we

  • have a dedicated and highly skilled multidisciplinary team of professionals including doctors, nurses, counsellors, teachers and administrative staff who are able to work with a wide range of stakeholders and clients.
  • have an extensive knowledge base and keep up to date with new developments in reproductive and sexual health.
  • base our activities and decisions on evidence.
  • are responsive and proactive.
  • work to the highest standard and are committed to excellence in the work that we do.


Offering the highest level of confidentiality, privacy, honesty and integrity, we

  • provide a secure and safe environment for our clients.
  • provide our stakeholders and clients with factual information.
  • are sensitive to the impact of gender, culture and social environment on reproductive and sexual health beliefs and behaviours.
  • engage in honest and open dialogue with our stakeholders and clients.
  • are responsive to the reproductive and sexual health needs of Victorians.
  • provide advice and opinion which is sought after and highly respected.


Working with commitment, drive and dedication, we

  • care about the reproductive and sexual health of our clients and want to make a difference.
  • are flexible and willing to tailor our services to meet special needs.
  • take responsibility and strive to find solutions.
  • are resourceful and innovative in the work we do.


Empowering the communities and individuals with whom we work, we

  • are committed to ensuring these communities have the care and information they need to make safe reproductive and sexual health decisions.
  • are sensitive to diversity in our promotion of reproductive and sexual health.
  • help people who have difficulty accessing mainstream services and provide specialist services to increase access to education, training and clinical care.
  • recognise the special needs of people with disabilities, people from culturally and linguistically diverse communities and young people and actively develop our expertise and services to meet their needs.